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Equine Acupuncture has a strong focus on working together with trainers, farriers and veterinarians to get an understanding of the cause of musculoskelatal issues and to formulate exercise plans and treatments which better suit the horse and produce enhanced results.

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Horse Injury – Equine Acupuncture specialises in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders in performance and pleasure horses throughout Victoria. Once a thorough examination of the horse is completed and a problem is identified, acupuncture is used to promote the body to heal itself. This treatment is further enhanced with specific work programs and consultations with veterinarians and farriers to provide the best results when treating disorders in the horse.

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The Most Common Horse Injuries & Treatments

In my work as an equine acupuncturist I have found common injury sites on the horse’s body. These common injury sites are analogous throughout the different sports which horses compete in, whether it be thoroughbred or harness racing, dressage, jumping of trail riding. You could consider these sites as the ‘Weak Structures’ of the body and with the specific stress these sports place on the weak structures we see these sites as reliable common injury regions of the body.

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Being a specialised field I travel many kilometres covering Melbourne and it’s heavily horse populated south eastern suburbs. I have a fortnightly run through Western Victoria, which covers areas of Warrnambool, Colac and Geelong. On alternative weeks I travel through Stawell, Ararat, Ballarat and Melton.

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